Ryan Cuen is the owner and principal attorney at Agave Law. Ryan grew up in Southern Nevada, attending Bishop Gorman for high school and UNLV (along with the University of Arizona) for his undergraduate studies. Ryan focused his college education in the areas of finance and history, and was admitted to the American Honor Society for History, Phi Alpha Theta in 2007. Upon getting his degree, Ryan went to work at his father’s architectural firm, where he managed the company’s finances. Over time, Ryan began to develop an understanding of the new 3D rendering technology being introduced to the architectural market. Soon thereafter, Ryan added chief renderer to his list of titles with the firm. His skills as a renderer helped market the firms projects to a broader clientele, and his ability to balance the books help the firm remain one of only 20% of architectural firms that survived the recession. However, it was the recession

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that made Ryan aware of just how susceptible the construction industry was to an economic downturn. Coincidentally, around the same time, Ryan had several of his friends from high school passing the bar exam and becoming lawyers. They each went into different areas within the legal field and Ryan began to understand how varied the profession is. As a result, Ryan decided to take the LSAT and enroll in law school.

During law school, Ryan took positions in a number of different firms, and tried to determine which area was the best fit for him. One of the firms he worked for was an estate planning firm, and he started to develop a passion for the area. He loved that, like his father’s profession, estate planning would allow him to create something that would have an effect on people for generations. On the other hand, Ryan witnessed litigation during his time as a judicial intern at court, and decided he wanted to stay as far away from that as possible. The idea of fighting every day for the rest of his professional life was less than appealing for him. Instead, he loved that estate planning clients usually arrived with a smile on their face and left with one too. These clients were doing something positive to provide for their loved ones after they pass, and Ryan noticed that they generally felt a sense of peace once they completed their documents. In turn, Ryan developed a sense of accomplishment by helping these clients and felt confident that his work was making a positive impact on this world.

When Ryan passed the Nevada bar exam, he looked for jobs exclusively in the areas of estate planning. However, because this is such a niche field in law, there are unfortunately not many firms that specialize in it, and the amount of positions available are extremely limited. Ryan did find a position, however, but found himself mainly practicing in the related area of Guardianship law. Over time, Ryan began to reassess the long term goals of his career, and decided like his father and grandfather’s before him, that he had to go out on his own to achieve professional fulfillment. So, in 2018, Ryan left his previous position and started Agave Law, Ltd. Since that date, he has focused his practice primarily in the areas of estate planning and probate.


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Today, Ryan couldn’t be happier about the decision he made to open Agave Law. He has complete discretion over the clients and matters he accepts, and the nature of the practice area allows his schedule to remain flexible, which grants him valuable time to spend with his wife, Rana, and their young daughter, Layla. In his free time, Ryan enjoys watching and playing sports, reading about history, and watching all the newest shows.