Estate planning is a crucial part of any financial plan. A properly devised and current estate plan can empower you to protect and preserve your assets during your lifetime — while minimizing future estate tax liability and family conflict. Estate planning prepares you for an uncertain future, and helps you make sure that you and your assets will be taken care of as you intend.


At its core, estate planning is a natural extension of the financial planning that families are already using to create and preserve wealth. Modern estate planning tools are used to transfer assets efficiently to one’s heirs and beneficiaries while addressing the many complex issues that may arise in the process.


We will help you establish a plan to allow for a smooth and well-executed transfer of wealth and assets to your loved ones and charitable causes. Through our communication and drafting, we minimize any conflicts or complications that could arise in the future.


AGAVE will work with you to come up with a plan that fits your immediate and long-term goals. Whether you are married or single, we will make sure you have a plan that protects you and your objectives.


Many people think of estate planning as merely writing a will or trust to leave assets to particular heirs. Every estate plan should also contain:

  • A durable power of attorney for naming someone to handle your affairs when you can’t, due to illness, dementia, disability, or some other reason

  • An advance health care directive to name a person to make health care decisions when you’re unable, and to leave “living will” instructions to be used if you suffer an end-stage medical condition with no realistic hope of recovery


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