A last will and testament (or “will”) names individuals or organizations who should receive a person’s assets when they die. A will is a “naming document” which names who will receive the assets and who will be the person responsible for handling the administration of the estate, including payment of all taxes, debts and distribution to those entitled to share in the estate. More importantly, a will can also name a guardian for minor children.


Without a will, the your State of residence will decide who gets your property. The term for this scenario is called dying “intestate”.


At AGAVE, we tailor your last will and testament to your individual circumstances and help you address potential problems or troublesome issues. We do this consistent with an asset review, including how your assets are titled and how you designate beneficiaries. In larger estates, we emphasize saving federal estate taxes. With all clients, we use our experience writing wills in Nevada to help see that your will achieves your wishes and makes estate administration easier for your loved ones.


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